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Dissolution of Marriage Document Preparation

Uncontested divorce in Florida can be expensive. Attorneys can charge upwards of $250-$500 an hour. If you can represent yourself in an uncontested divorce and agreement on the terms with your spouse, then why not utilize the assistance of a Florida divorce service such as Legal Document Services of North Central Florida? You can save yourself thousands of dollars and have peace of mind.

It only stands to reason that two homes cost more than one, especially if both homes must be large enough for children. Downsizing is usually necessary, but saving money on legal costs can help preserve more of your lifestyle. If it's been a short marriage with no children, it's usually pretty simple to divide the assets and file the papers. However, this is easier said than done, as courts are picky and "reject" forms that are not executed perfectly or are filed in the wrong county. That's why so many smart frugal people are looking to hire a Florida divorce legal document preparer to help them secure a divorce quickly and inexpensively.

Dividing Assets in a Florida Divorce

Florida is an "equitable distribution" state. This means that marital property is divided fairly rather than simply in half. Marital property is any personal or real property that was acquired jointly during the marriage. It would exclude, for example, a house or a business owned by one spouse before the marriage that remains with sole ownership throughout the marriage. This can get complicated as a non-owner power may have contributed money or labor to the property, giving rise to a claim for its appreciation in value. A spouse might think that their bank account is not marital property because it's in their name only, but if they used the account to benefit the marriage, the court could consider it co-mingled, and therefore a marital asset. Once it's determined what's marital and separate property, Section 61.075 of the Florida Statutes lists factors for the court to consider to determine how property, both assets, and debts, should be fairly divided.  

Custody and Child Support in a Florida Divorce

Florida Child Custody can sometimes be more hotly contested than the division of property. This is sad because not only do custody battles traumatize children, but they are very costly and do not always lead to the best result. Let's face it; nobody really wants a judge to decide where their kids live and go to school! Some families prefer to let the children continue to live with the primary caregiver, and others want to shuttle the kids from house to house with a 50/50 parenting arrangement. If you agree on a formula that will work for your family, you can save a fortune by doing it yourself and hiring a Florida divorce document specialist to handle the Florida divorce forms needed to secure a divorce.

Divorce Document Prepares Save People Thousands of Dollars

You can see how these complicated claims and counterclaims can drive up the cost of a divorce that's handled by lawyers. Florida Divorce attorneys can charge an exorbitant hourly rate, and they are on the clock when they talk to you, email you, write anything for you, etc. It's not uncommon for a $5,000 retainer to only last a month! You may have heard how only movie stars can afford to take a case to trial, and that's not so far from true. So, even if you don't get exactly what you want, it's worth it to come to some kind of a reasonable comprise with your spouse and hire a Florida divorce legal document preparer to help you prepare the legal paperwork and fill out all the appropriate Florida divorce legal forms as there are many.

Legal Document Services of North Central Florida provides affordable Florida divorce services and peace of mind.

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